Mengenal fitur Smart Mesh yang dimiliki Access Point Aruba Instant On

Get to know the Smart Mesh feature of the Aruba Instant On Access Point

Having reliable Wi-Fi coverage is not only a luxury but also a necessity. Imagine the frustration of having blazing fast Wi-Fi in one corner of your room, but experiencing a frustrating Dead Zone in another corner. Aruba Smart Mesh is here to revolutionize your Wi-Fi experience and eliminate that Dead Zone forever.

Smart Mesh is one of the features of the Aruba Instant On Access Point. Here are the reasons why Aruba Smart Mesh is the best solution to your Wi-Fi problems.

Seamless Coverage Expansion

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi settings. With Aruba Smart Mesh, your Access Points communicate with each other seamlessly, forming a powerful network that expands the coverage area far beyond what was previously possible. Whether you’re on a rooftop , basement, or backyard, consistent and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your space can be achieved. One network connected to Smart Mesh can support up to 25 Access Points too, you know! Very useful when you have a spacious office.

Adaptive Connectivity

Ever wondered why your Wi-Fi signal fluctuates depending on where you are? Aruba Smart Mesh intelligently adapts to its environment, overcoming obstacles such as thick walls, ceilings, and metal objects that typically interfere with signal strength. Surfing the web, streaming and playing online games is smooth without interruption.

Easy Installation

No more tugging at long Ethernet cables and managing complicated cables. Setting up Aruba Smart Mesh is easy. Once you have configured the primary Access Point, you simply select the option to configure additional Access Points over the air, and the Access Points are automatically set up in a Wi-Fi Mesh connection. As simple as that! Aruba Instant On’s Cloud Management feature takes care of the rest, ensuring hassle-free installation and configuration. Additionally, you don’t need a special license to run the Smart Mesh feature.

Cable-Free Flexibility

Tired of being tethered to an Ethernet cable or limited by the proximity of an outlet? Aruba Smart Mesh frees you from these constraints. Without having to drag Ethernet cables long distances, you can place your Access Point wherever it’s needed most—whether in a remote corner of your home, on the backyard patio, or even in a hidden alcove. Enjoy the freedom to create your ideal Wi-Fi setup without compromise.

Eliminate Dead Zone

Thanks to smooth communication between Access Points facilitated by Aruba Smart Mesh, every corner of your room becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot. Whether you’re working, streaming, or video conferencing, you can do so with confidence knowing that reliable connectivity is always within reach.

Aruba Smart Mesh is a game changer for anyone looking to improve their Wi-Fi experience. With Aruba Smart Mesh, you’ll enjoy seamless range extension, adaptive connectivity, easy installation, cable-free flexibility, and, most importantly, uninterrupted Wi-Fi wherever you go.

Get other benefits

With Aruba Instant On, you also get a 1Gbe uplink, built-in Bluetooth IoT device support, mobile and cloud management , and 24/7 support.
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