Belanja Online Aman: Tips Menghindari Penipuan dan Mengamankan Informasi Pembayaran

Safe Online Shopping: Tips to Avoid Fraud and Secure Your Payment Information

Online shopping has now become an inseparable part of our lives. On the other hand, this convenience increases the risk of fraud. To safely navigate the virtual marketplace, it is critical to be vigilant and implement best practices that prioritize security.

What are the important things that need to be done?

Don’t be fooled by alternative payment methods

Avoid purchasing from websites or sellers that require alternative payment methods such as Venmo, CashApp, checks, or gift cards. Sticking with the payment options provided by the website itself ensures you benefit from the purchase protection policy. Fraudsters often exploit alternative payment methods to defraud buyers and avoid accountability.

Don’t be tempted by unrealistic offers

Scammers often lure unsuspecting buyers with attractive offers for high-quality products, only to deliver low-quality or counterfeit goods. Be wary of deep discounts or prices that are much lower than market value, as they often indicate potential fraud.

Don’t Click on Suspicious Links

Be careful when clicking on links, especially those that promise tempting offers. Scammers often redirect potential victims by providing deceptive links that lead to fake websites. These sites, which sometimes resemble official sites, are designed to steal personal information and payment data. To reduce this risk, simply click on links from trusted sources and websites, or manually enter the website address into your browser.

Don’t Overshare Personal Information

Be discreet when sharing personal information online. Legitimate online stores usually do not require sensitive data such as social security numbers for standard purchases. If an unnecessary request for personal information raises suspicion, don’t provide it and trust your instincts.

Don’t shop on Public Wi-Fi networks

Avoid making online shopping transactions while connected to public Wi-Fi networks to minimize the risk of data interception by cybercriminals. Instead, choose a secure network or take advantage of secure mobile payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay to protect your financial information from prying eyes.

Do your research and read reviews

Before making a purchase, do thorough research and read reviews, especially for independent sellers on platforms like Etsy or eBay. Customer reviews provide valuable insight into seller reliability and product quality, helping you make informed decisions and avoid potential fraud.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase the security of your online accounts by enabling MFA whenever possible. This additional layer of protection makes it difficult for unauthorized people to access your account, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity.

Shop only on websites you consider safe

Prioritize shopping on secure websites with HTTPS encryption and look for the padlock icon in your browser’s address bar to verify site security. Trusted websites implement strong security measures to protect your sensitive information and offer a safe shopping environment.

Always Update Software

Regularly update your device software and applications to mitigate vulnerabilities and protect against emerging cybersecurity threats. Software updates often include security patches and enhancements that strengthen your device’s defenses, improving the overall security of your online shopping.

Use a strong and unique password

A strong and unique password for each online account will minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Consider using a password manager to create and store complex passwords securely, eliminating the need to remember multiple login credentials.

Monitor transaction history

Stay alert by monitoring your transaction history regularly via online banking or mobile apps. Immediately review your account activity for unauthorized or suspicious charges, so you can take immediate action if fraudulent transactions occur.
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