Dorong Revolusi Digital Pendidikan, Hypernet Technologies Gandeng Huawei dan Zoom

Driving the Digital Revolution in Education, Hypernet Technologies Partners with Huawei and Zoom

Hypernet Technologies recently hosted another “Meet Eat Inspire” (MENS) event titled “Accelerate Digital Transformation for Smart Education” at Seribu Rasa Gunawarman, South Jakarta, on Wednesday, May 30, 2024.

This MENS event featured three expert speakers: Dwi Permadi, Retail & Education SBP Unit Head at Hypernet Technologies; Ivan Hidayat, Solution Expert at Huawei Indonesia; and Santoso, Partner Solution Engineer at Zoom.

The discussion on digital transformation in education was initiated by Huawei Indonesia. According to Ivan, the adoption of digital technologies by educators in Indonesia remains relatively low. This is primarily due to a lack of knowledge and willingness among educators to integrate digital technology into their classrooms.

With the rapid advancement of technology, Ivan emphasized the necessity for the education sector to adapt and embrace digital tools to enhance the quality of learning in Indonesia. One approach includes implementing smart classrooms, hybrid learning environments, and collaborative classrooms using tools like the IdeaHub, an advanced interactive whiteboard.

“We need to build a digital ecosystem together, starting from the elementary level up to higher education,” Ivan stated.

Beyond hardware, digital transformation also requires robust and accessible software. Addressing this, Partner Solution Engineer at Zoom, Santoso, explained that Zoom has developed AI-powered features to facilitate teaching and learning activities.

Santoso acknowledged the prevalent concerns regarding AI in education, such as costs, software complexity, and data security. To address these issues, Zoom is committed to providing an interconnected ecosystem—Zoom Workplace for Education—that ensures ease of use and security.

As a managed service provider, Hypernet Technologies strives to offer internet connectivity, advanced devices, and software that accelerate digital transformation in education. Through the Meet Eat Inspire (MENS) event, Hypernet Technologies not only educated attendees on digital transformation but also facilitated discussions on the challenges faced by educators.