Solusi Keamanan dari Hypernet Technologies, xFusion, dan Sophos untuk Hadapi Ancaman Ransomware

Security Solutions from Hypernet Technologies, xFusion, and Sophos to Combat Ransomware Threats

Hypernet Technologies, in collaboration with xFusion and Sophos, organized a “Meet Eat Inspire” (MENS) event titled “Strengthen Your Business Defenses” at Hotel Mercure Nexa Pettarani, Makassar, South Sulawesi, on Wednesday, May 30, 2024.

Focusing on business security defense, the event featured three speakers: Dwi Andri Hermawan, Regional Head Sulawesi of Hypernet Technologies; Damawan Bayu Aji, Solution Manager of xFusion; and Adhi Fiqy Ardiansyah, Network Security Consultant from Sophos.

In 2024, ransomware threats remain a significant challenge for business owners. According to the 2023 Indonesian Cyber Security Landscape report compiled by the National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN), five prevalent types of ransomware are Luna Moth, WannaCry, Locky, LockBit, and GandCrab.

Addressing this issue, Adhi Fiqy Ardiansyah from Sophos emphasized the critical importance of digital security for companies. With the constant evolution of digital crimes, new modes of attack, more dangerous viruses, and faster operations, most companies struggle to handle these threats effectively on their own.

Sophos plays a crucial role in helping businesses enhance their security measures and manage threats. One key solution is Intercept X, which offers multiple layers of security, including threat identification, anti-ransomware capabilities, and protection against file-less attacks. Additionally, Sophos provides Sophos XGS Firewall and Sophos XDR services to deliver comprehensive cyber threat protection.

In line with Sophos, xFusion is committed to strengthening company cybersecurity systems through robust server computers. xFusion also fosters an innovative ecosystem through the synergy of hardware and software, ensuring adaptability to both domestic and international software while guaranteeing security and reliability.

Furthermore, Damawan Bayu Aji of xFusion highlighted their Super-care service, which caters to various business needs. This service includes TAC support, online services, hardware support, and online support, ensuring comprehensive assistance for businesses.

As a managed service provider, Hypernet Technologies strives to offer internet connectivity, hardware, and software services that bolster company cybersecurity systems. By partnering with Sophos, xFusion, and industry stakeholders, Hypernet Technologies is committed to continuous innovation and collaboration in the field of cybersecurity.