Wifi Managed Service

Cara Memilih Access Point Yang Sesuai Untuk Bisnis Anda

How to Choose the Right Access Point for Your Business

Having a reliable wireless network is very important for maintaining business productivity and connectivity. Access Point plays an important role in ensuring these things. However, choosing the right Access Poi...


ARUBA: Challenges in Managing More than 20 Network Points of PT Delisari Nusantara

Aruba serves as one of Hypernet’s flagship products. In many companies, Aruba has become the solution to address various network problems that might occur. Aruba services excellence due to its easy ins...


Aruba: Managing Network Solution for JACCS MPM Finance

Different companies come with different needs. Moreover, the size and the location of a company often affect the kind of management they need to perform between buildings and branches. For example, a company wi...