Cek Kebocoran Data Pribadi dengan 3 Langkah

Check for Personal Data Leaks with These 3 Steps

Examining the use of personal data in the digital era is an interest that should not be underestimated. In the midst of technological advances, including social media, it is not impossible that personal data th...

Ancaman Ransomware_ Menguak Taktik dan Dampaknya pada Pengguna Internet

The Ransomware Threat: Uncovering its Tactics and Impact on Internet Users

What is ransomware and what impact does it have on internet users? Ransomware is malware that is widely known for its ability to encrypt victims’ data and demand ransom payments (ransom). The goal is so t...

Dampak Pencurian Data_ Masalah Finansial dan Reputasi Perusahaan

Impact of Data Theft: Financial Issues and Company Reputation

Data theft is not trivial. This term, which is also known in English as data theft, is the activity of obtaining digital data illegally, or illegally, from an entity. Many of these crimes are based on the motiv...

Jutaan UMKM Jadi Sasaran Hacker, Bagaimana Regulasi Pemerintah

Millions of MSMEs are targeted by hackers, what are government regulations?

The Indonesian government’s initiative to encourage micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) into the realm of digitalization presents both opportunities and challenges. As MSMEs transition to digital ...

Hindari Penipuan Digital_ Kenali Ciri-ciri Utama dan Strategi Pencegahan

Avoid Digital Fraud: Recognize Key Characteristics and Prevention Strategies

The busier people’s activities are in cyberspace, the greater the risks and threats that can arise from digital fraud. With various modus operandi and deceptions, perpetrators will do whatever they can to...

Langkah untuk menangkal pencurian data jika perangkat Anda hilang atau dicuri

Steps to prevent data theft if your device is lost or stolen

Smartphones have become an extension of our hands. Like a treasure chest, smartphones contain sensitive personal information, banking information, companies, and social security numbers. What happens if your de...

Mengajarkan Anak-anak tentang Keamanan Siber dan Etika Online sejak Dini

Teaching Children about Cybersecurity and Online Ethics from an Early Age

The importance of early education regarding cyber security and online ethics cannot be underestimated in today’s digital era. In fact, statistics show that more than 80% of children aged 10-12 years face ...

Belanja Online Aman_ Tips untuk Menghindari Penipuan dan Mengamankan Informasi Pembayaran Anda

Safe Online Shopping: Tips to Avoid Fraud and Secure Your Payment Information

Online shopping has now become an inseparable part of our lives. On the other hand, this convenience increases the risk of fraud. To safely navigate the virtual marketplace, it is critical to be vigilant and im...

Kisah Nyata! Bagaimana Identitas Digital Saya Dicuri dan Pelajaran yang Saya Ambil

True story! How My Digital Identity Was Stolen and the Lessons I Learned

Protecting yourself from the threat of identity theft is extremely important, but the prevalence of this crime continues to increase. In 2021, the United States alone saw nearly 1.4 million reported cases of id...

Keamanan di Ujung Jari Anda_ Cara Mengamankan Perangkat Mobile Anda dari Ancaman Cyber

Security at Your Fingertips: How to Secure Your Mobile Devices from Cyber Threats

As the number of smartphone users skyrockets, the threat of cyber attacks targeting mobile devices has also increased. Our phones are now like wallets full of identities, storing sensitive data such as banking ...