we are here for your business

We Are Here For Your Business

Dear our valued Customers and Partners,

All management and employees of Hypernet would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust in us all this time. We would like to inform you that during the quarantine period due to the COVID19 outbreak, Hypernet continues to commit and carry out our responsibility to provide the best service to all our customers and partners. Our Customer Support Team continues to work 24 hours to ensure there is no deterioration in network quality including our field team who are available if needed to the customer’s location. Our team has also been equipped with Personal Protection Equipment that complies with international health standards. We ensure that we not only provide service guarantees for customers and partners but also provide health protection for all our teams.

We fully understand that at a time like this, the majority of business people experience massive impact, especially in terms of business processes that are very limited in terms of distance and time. As directed by the government, most companies and government offices are required to close temporarily and carry out office work activities from home. Social distancing becomes an effective solution to overcome COVID-19 infection.

Therefore, internet technology and digital communication become the main key so that business processes can continue to run. HYPERNET as a Managed Service Provider for 13 years of operation has prepared technology solutions to ensure the Business Continuity Plan from customers and partners to face critical times like now. Some of our technological solutions are:

  • Internet as a service, internet service with backup media to ensure active connections up to 100% without loss of quality.
  • Wifi as a service, WiFi and LAN network infrastructure management to ensure the network within the company continues to run optimally even without an IT administrator on site.
  • Cloud as a service, ensuring backups of important data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with the protection of data piracy and theft protection.
  • Digital communication as a service, long-distance communication via the internet with the best sound and video quality.
  • IT professional as a service, 24-hour service from IT experts who will help the customer team to supervise and repair if a problem occurs.
  • Security as a service, enhance the protection of customer data and networks, especially when accessing company applications.

We believe that we can all through this disaster, with the support of technology and good planning, the impact on business can be reduced to a minimum. We pray for all customers and partners to be given strength and health protection by GOD ALMIGHTY. Stay healthy and #stayhome

Sudianto Oei, CEO of Hypernet