Seberapa Penting Akses WiFi Untuk Gen Z?

How important is WiFi access for Gen Z?

As the first generation to grow up completely in the digital world, Gen Z considers the internet to be part of their identity. Their dependence on technology is not just for entertainment but also to fulfill every aspect of their lives, from social interactions to education and work.

Research cited by Jason Dorsey on his personal blog shows that Gen Z is very dependent on technology. As many as 95% of Gen Z individuals own smartphones, 85% own laptops, and 78% own the latest game consoles. These statistics provide a clear picture of Gen Z as a generation that is always connected to the digital world.

So, it’s not surprising that Gen Z is always connected to the online world. The internet is an important lifeline for Gen Z because it provides access to information, entertainment and social connections. As many as 72% of Gen Z use the internet for entertainment purposes, including watching videos, using applications, and interacting with online communities. Additionally, more than half of Gen Z report daily dependence on the internet for interpersonal relationships, and view the internet as important for maintaining friendships and socializing.

The role of Wi-Fi in Gen Z’s lives

Gen Z’s dependence on the internet is clear in their reactions when disconnected from the internet. Most said they felt uncomfortable after several hours without internet access, and some couldn’t survive more than an hour. Because they need to be constantly connected to the internet, Wi-Fi has become important in Gen Z’s lives.

Wi-Fi access allows Gen Z to stay connected wherever they go, whether at home, school or work. Wi-Fi allows them to access information instantly, communicate with friends and coworkers, and engage in online activities seamlessly. Without Wifi, Gen Z may feel disconnected and isolated from the digital world, a world that has become an integral part of their identity. In fact, in the same study, 22% of Gen Z reported that they felt stressed when not allowed to use or look at their phones at work.

What’s more, Wi-Fi access is also more than just convenience but also about productivity. In an increasingly digital-centric world, the ability to access Wi-Fi opens up opportunities to do many things, such as make schoolwork easier, research new interests, or pursue career opportunities. You could say, Wi-Fi is very helpful in developing society.

The role of Wi-Fi for businesses and organizations

Not only is it important for Gen Z individuals, Wi-Fi access is also important for businesses and organizations looking to engage with this demographic. Companies that are aware of Gen Z’s reliance on technology can leverage Wi-Fi access to improve customer experience, drive engagement, and ultimately, increase revenue.

Your company can offer free Wi-Fi access at its premises to attract Gen Z customers who prioritize connectivity. Developing mobile-friendly websites and apps can also cater to Gen Z’s preference for digital interactions. By leveraging Wi-Fi access as a means to connect with Gen Z, your company is one step ahead of competitors as it can capitalize on this profitable market segment.

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