Cara Mengoptimalkan Sistem WiFi Publik Untuk Bisnis F&B

How to Optimize Public WiFi Systems for F&B Businesses

The current generation’s need for Wi-Fi has become a lifestyle. In fact, in the F&B business, Wi-Fi availability is one of the important factors for customers to choose your restaurant. Benefits of in...

Seberapa Penting Akses WiFi Untuk Gen Z

How important is WiFi access for Gen Z?

As the first generation to grow up completely in the digital world, Gen Z considers the internet to be part of their identity. Their dependence on technology is not just for entertainment but also to fulfill ev...

Darimana Hacker Mengetahui Jika Sistem Keamanan IT Perusahaan Lemah

How do hackers know if a company’s IT security system is weak?

A system that is hacked is definitely a system that has weak security. In fact, there are many vulnerabilities that hackers can use as “entrance points” into weak IT security systems. Through which ...

Bisakah Kita Mengoptimalkan Nilai Keamanan Sistem Perusahaan Tanpa Bantuan Tenaga Ahli

Can We Optimize the Security Value of Company Systems Without the Help of Experts?

A good security score shows how well a company protects its digital assets and sensitive data. Optimizing the security value of a company’s system without the help of experts is challenging, however, it i...

Apa Yang Harus Dilakukan Jika Nilai Keamanan IT Perusahaan Rendah

What Should You Do If Your Company’s IT Security Score is Low?

Lack of IT security resources and awareness increases the vulnerability of a company’s IT to cyber attacks. The 2022 Cyber Threat Defense Report found that more than 85% of organizations experienced a cyb...

Siapa Saja Yang Bisa Melakukan Penyerangan Sistem IT Perusahaan

Who Can Attack a Company’s IT System?

Cyber attacks have a tremendous negative impact. Attacked companies suffer financial losses, reduced customer trust, and damaged reputations. To curb cyber attacks, companies must implement adequate cyber secur...

Tolak Ukur Nilai Keamanan IT Yang Optimal Untuk Perusahaan di Indonesia

Benchmarks for Optimal IT Security Values for Companies in Indonesia

In cyber security, benchmarking is critical for organizations to set performance goals based on industry insights. However, benchmarking practices are not always in line with developments in threats, especially...

Apa Saja Risiko Yang Mungkin Terjadi Jika Keamanan IT Perusahaan Lemah

What are the risks that might occur if a company’s IT security is weak?

Strong IT security for businesses is a major concern in today’s digitally connected world. The risks posed by cyber attacks and hackers are not only limited to financial losses but also the survival of th...

Penilaian Risiko Keamanan Apa Saja Yang Bisa Kita Ketahui dari Security Scorecard

Security Risk Assessment What We Can Know from the Security Scorecard

One of the many tools used to assess a company’s IT security is the Security Scorecard. Regional Director of Security Scorecard for the Asia Pacific region, Royston Chng, said that this platform works by ...

Mengenal Security Scorecard & Fiturnya Yang Mempermudah Penilaian Keamanan

Get to know the Security Scorecard & its easy features

Ensuring strong protection against cyber threats is critical for companies. The complexity of protecting sensitive information and systems from malicious actors continues to grow considering that cybercriminals...