Bisakah Kita Mengoptimalkan Nilai Keamanan Sistem Perusahaan Tanpa Bantuan Tenaga Ahli?

Can We Optimize the Security Value of Company Systems Without the Help of Experts?

A good security score shows how well a company protects its digital assets and sensitive data. Optimizing the security value of a company’s system without the help of experts is challenging, however, it is not impossible.

Here are some steps you can take:

Know your digital assets

The first step, carry out a thorough evaluation and mapping of digital assets. This process will identify sensitive data, applications, and systems to build a strong foundation for maintaining security.

Implement clear security rules

Make sure these rules include things like strong password management, role-based application access management, and rules for secure use of personal devices. Following these rules helps increase the security value of enterprise systems.

Always update software

Many cyber attacks occur due to outdated software. Make sure all systems and applications are on the latest versions with all the latest security updates. Keep up with technology developments and update software promptly to help protect your company from new cyber threats.

Check security regularly

Carrying out regular security checks helps ensure everything is as safe as possible. This includes looking for weaknesses, checking that everyone is following security rules, and assessing risks thoroughly. The results of this inspection can be used to correct problems that occur.

Encrypt sensitive data

Encryption is like putting an extra key on sensitive data. Store and protect data using trusted encryption methods. Not only does it protect data from external threats, it helps meet security standards required by industry regulations or laws.

Provide employees with training on security

Humans pose one of the biggest risks when it comes to digital security. For this reason, providing learning about security to employees is very important. Ensure employees are knowledgeable about good security practices, signs of cyber threats, and how to report security incidents.

Implement strong authentication and access controls

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and least privilege access control can limit access to sensitive systems and data. Use MFA for all accounts that have access to critical digital assets.

Choose effective security tools

Adapt security tools to company needs so that security value can be increased effectively. Choosing security tools that are less effective can actually create vulnerabilities in your IT system. Integrate and organize antivirus, firewall, and threat detection solutions to provide the best protection.

Make security a shared responsibility

The security of a company system is not only borne by the IT team but is also a shared responsibility. Build the obligation to maintain security as a core company value to increase awareness and compliance with good security practices.

Design an incident response plan

To ensure that your team knows how to respond to security incidents effectively, you need to develop and test an incident response plan on a regular basis. The plan should include steps to take when a breach occurs, including quarantining the problem, eradicating it, and quickly restoring normal operations.

While it would be beneficial to involve security experts in optimizing your company’s security posture, following the steps mentioned above can help improve your security score even without expert help. However, it’s important to realize that security is an ongoing process, and remaining vigilant and proactive is key to maintaining a strong security posture.

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