Bisakah Kita Mengoptimalkan Nilai Keamanan Sistem Perusahaan Tanpa Bantuan Tenaga Ahli

Can We Optimize the Security Value of Company Systems Without the Help of Experts?

A good security score shows how well a company protects its digital assets and sensitive data. Optimizing the security value of a company’s system without the help of experts is challenging, however, it i...

Apa Yang Harus Dilakukan Jika Nilai Keamanan IT Perusahaan Rendah

What Should You Do If Your Company’s IT Security Score is Low?

Lack of IT security resources and awareness increases the vulnerability of a company’s IT to cyber attacks. The 2022 Cyber Threat Defense Report found that more than 85% of organizations experienced a cyb...

Penilaian Risiko Keamanan Apa Saja Yang Bisa Kita Ketahui dari Security Scorecard

Security Risk Assessment What We Can Know from the Security Scorecard

One of the many tools used to assess a company’s IT security is the Security Scorecard. Regional Director of Security Scorecard for the Asia Pacific region, Royston Chng, said that this platform works by ...

Mengenal Security Scorecard & Fiturnya Yang Mempermudah Penilaian Keamanan

Get to know the Security Scorecard & its easy features

Ensuring strong protection against cyber threats is critical for companies. The complexity of protecting sensitive information and systems from malicious actors continues to grow considering that cybercriminals...

Apa Saja Pentingnya Mengetahui Keamanan IT Perusahaan

What is the Importance of Knowing Company IT Security

As businesses become increasingly dependent on technology, the risk of cyber threats increases. Cyber criminal acts are carried out with increasingly diverse motives, from hacking to spreading viruses, malware ...

Cara Menilai Keamanan IT Perusahaan

How to Assess a Company’s IT Security

Data leaks and cyber attacks are two of the latest corporate threats that need to be avoided. Carrying out a company IT security assessment is one way to avoid these two threats. Have you done it? Steps to carr...

Bagaimana cara mendeteksi keamanan siber agar tidak terkena serangan

How to Detect Cybersecurity to Avoid Attacks

Keeping your office internet network secure is vital to maximizing company productivity. However, it is difficult to know if a network is truly secure or not because there are many vulnerabilities. Check Firewa...

Cara meningkatkan keamanan di jaringan perusahaan

How to Improve Network Security for Technology Companies

Ensuring the security of a company’s network is essential to the success and sustainability of the business, even more so for technology companies. After all, the heart of technology companies is the smoo...

Cara meningkatkan keamanan di jaringan perusahaan

How to Improve Network Security in Your Business

Network security has always been a top priority for businesses, but it is becoming increasingly important in the age of rapid technological development. Every day, hundreds of new malware, attacks, and vulnerab...


How Sophos Provides Your Business Protection From Cyber Threats?

In the current digital business era, creating a safe business ecosystem is very important. The reason is, there are very serious cyber threats and could be the cause of serious problems in the business you mana...