How Sophos Provides Your Business Protection From Cyber Threats?

How Sophos Provides Your Business Protection From Cyber Threats?

In the current digital business era, creating a safe business ecosystem is very important. The reason is, there are very serious cyber threats and could be the cause of serious problems in the business you manage. Sophos is here as a mainstay agent to provide protection to the business you manage from cyber threats.

What is Sophos and how can it provide comprehensive protection to IT-based businesses from cyber threats?

Get to know Sophos

Sophos is a company that made antivirus and encryption products more than 30 years ago. Currently, Sophos products are used by more than 100 million people in more than 150 countries and 100,000 businesses.

As IT networks grow and develop in complexity, Sophos focuses on keeping IT security simple and reliable. The reason is, Sophos believes that the right security strategy from cyber threats must include networks, servers and devices which can then be managed easily via the cloud.

How Sophos Provides Protection

Sophos has ways and strategies to provide protection for the IT-based business that you manage. These strategies are:

  • Endpoint Protection
    Sophos is a platform that consistently provides the best protection for IT systems down to the endpoint. By combining the latest technology and fast response, Sophos will provide maximum protection against detrimental malware or ransomware attacks. Updates to its system make Sophos more sophisticated and scalable in providing protection. Not only that, the performance of this protection system is believed to be more optimal than other traditional protection systems.
  • Firewall protection
    The capabilities of Sophos – especially with the various updates that are coming, will provide better visibility into the network, users and applications you use. Sophos provides the best protection from cyber threats originating from ransomware, bots, worms, hacks and others. Please note that Sophos is the only network security solution that thoroughly identifies the source of infection on the network. Not only that, Sophos will also provide responses to limit access to other network resources. This kind of thing is possible because Sophos shares telemetry state with the firewall.
  • Mobile control
    The way Sophos provides protection to the system is by performing mobile control. In this case, Sophos has the Sophos Mobile product which is unified endpoint management or UEM and is a security solution that will provide assistance to the system to increase the efficiency of time and effort in network management. This product provided by Sophos is the only UEM solution that is natively integrated with multiple endpoint security platforms in the next generation. Sophos Mobile provides comprehensive support for various Windows, iOS and Android based devices.
  • Central management
    Sophos has a central management platform that gives you access to manage all your security needs. With this platform, Sophos will ensure that endpoint protection and firewall protection programs are linked to each other. The idea put forward by Sophos is actually quite simple. With a link between these protection programs, the security protection obtained by the system will tend to be better, especially to deal with advanced threats.

Armed with a variety of programs, Sophos can be relied on to provide cutting-edge security for your business system. Of course, you can get maximum Sophos protection by using professional IT management services from Hypernet.