How to Build and Choose a Quality IT Infrastructure Provider?

How to Build and Choose a Quality IT Infrastructure Provider?

Currently, especially during the pandemic, business competition has become more dynamic. Every company or business is forced to change its methods and strategies, ranging from internal operations to marketing and customer promotion. With the advent of the New Normal era, these activities are increasingly carried out online.
However, the changes in the New Normal era have become an additional ‘homework’ for companies and business players, especially those who do not yet have quality IT infrastructure. Choosing a quality IT infrastructure service provider in Indonesia is crucial to help improve your company’s business effectiveness. In this article, Hypernet will provide characteristics of a good and quality IT infrastructure provider.

Comprehensive Products and Services

If you decide to use a third party to build your company’s IT infrastructure, ensure that the offered products and services are complete according to your needs to ensure smooth business operations. Comprehensive products and services include both software and hardware products, along with competent technicians or human resources. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Hypernet excels in providing fully customizable IT services according to customer needs.

Location and Branch Offices

To ensure efficiency in discussions and installations, it is advisable to choose a quality IT infrastructure service provider located near your business. This facilitates quick and accurate work, improving efficiency in terms of time and cost. Hypernet is currently present not only in Jakarta but also has branch offices in other cities, including Bali and Makassar, making it easier to provide optimal services to customers throughout Indonesia.

Number of Employees and Experts

Before deciding to use a network and IT infrastructure product provider, find out the number of employees and experts in the company. The more employees and experts a company has, the better the services it can provide to customers. Hypernet currently has over 200 employees who can promptly deliver quality and fast services.

Customer Satisfaction Track Record

The most accurate way to determine the quality of an IT infrastructure installation service provider is by checking the customer satisfaction track record. This can be done through internet search engines or by watching testimonial videos uploaded by customers. The more positive testimonials from customers, the more likely the IT infrastructure provider is of high quality. For Hypernet’s customer testimonials, you can find them on the Customer Testimonials page at
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