Mengenal Security Scorecard & Fitur Mudahnya

Get to know the Security Scorecard & its easy features

Ensuring strong protection against cyber threats is critical for companies. The complexity of protecting sensitive information and systems from malicious actors continues to grow considering that cybercriminals continue to try to make new breakthroughs to hack company IT systems.

To overcome these challenges, IT security supervisors must use tools that effectively monitor the security entities under their purview. One tool that is increasingly popular in use is the Security Scorecard.

What is a Security Scorecard?

Security Scorecard is a platform created by a startup that is used to calculate the cyber risk of a company. This platform offers 10x better security performance to identify and eliminate cyber risks across all parts of your IT system.

What are the main features of the Security Scorecard?

Continuous monitoring

Security Scorecard offers continuous monitoring of security posture, providing real-time updates on vulnerabilities, security gaps, and potential risks. This allows companies to remain proactive in addressing security issues and adapting to the changing threat landscape.

Security Rating

The platform provides security ratings to organizations based on their cyber security performance across various risk factors. These rankings help organizations compare their security posture with peers in the industry and identify areas for improvement.

Vendor Risk Management

The Security Scorecard allows companies to assess the cyber security posture of their vendors and third-party partners. By evaluating vendor security performance, companies can mitigate supply chain risks and ensure the security of their ecosystem.

Problem Prioritization

The platform prioritizes security issues based on severity and impact, allowing companies to focus their resources on addressing high-priority vulnerabilities and mitigating critical risks.

Actionable Insights

The Security Scorecard provides actionable insights and recommendations to improve security posture based on assessment results. These insights help companies make informed decisions and prioritize security initiatives effectively.

Compliance Monitoring

The platform helps companies monitor compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards by assessing compliance with relevant security controls and best practices.

Customizable Dashboard

Security Scorecard offers customizable dashboards and reports that give companies at-a-glance visibility into their security posture. This makes it easy for stakeholders to track key security metrics and trends over time.

Integration Capabilities

The platform integrates with a variety of security tools and systems, enabling companies to leverage existing infrastructure and automate security workflows. Integration with tools such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms and ticketing systems increases the efficiency of security operations.

Executive Reporting

The Security Scorecard provides executive-level reporting capabilities, enabling stakeholders to effectively communicate security posture and risk exposure to senior management and board members.


The Security Scorecard is scalable and can accommodate companies of various sizes and complexities. Be it a small business or a large enterprise, the platform offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of every organization.

By leveraging Security Scorecard features, companies can strengthen security defenses, mitigate risks, and protect against cyber threats effectively.

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