Aruba: Managing Network Solution for JACCS MPM Finance

Aruba: Managing Network Solution for JACCS MPM Finance

Different companies come with different needs. Moreover, the size and the location of a company often affect the kind of management they need to perform between buildings and branches. For example, a company with five or more branches would obviously need larger network solutions that a company in a smaller size. A company that spread to many locations, for instance, needs to deploy better access points to avoid miss-communication between branches. However, Hypernet emerges as the perfect managed service provider for these companies. Through Aruba products, Hypernet provides wifi managed service solutions for various companies’demands.

Why they choose Aruba Wifi Managed Service from Hypernet?

Hypernet is a managed service provider with years of experience in providing the best IT service for many corporations. Hypernet brings you Aruba, the solution for any company that wants to increase their productivity and cost-efficiency. Choosing Aruba as the wifi managed service will only get you the hand of professional. Aruba provides the best wifi management that brings any company to a whole new level.

Aruba: Managing Network Solution for JACCS MPM Finance

Aruba is one of our popular products. Hypernet with 13 years of experience proudly partnered with Aruba, as Aruba is the leader of the global market who achieved market growth 2-3 times more than average products. Aruba is supported by 65.000 airheads to ensure the best services for our client. Not only one, here are some benefits you get when choosing Aruba:

  • Maximum WiFi protection
  • Automatic wireless power and RF channel
  • Speed access on a wide range
  • Good AP connection distribution, avoid sticky client
  • Centralized control for every cluster
  • Built-in firewall and site survivability

Managing Wifi for JACCS MPM Finance

Operating cost for a company increases from time to time, especially when so many problems occur in the networking system of the company itself. These are some common problems in managing Wifi for a company, such as:

  1. Bad services or connectivity
  2. Security problems
  3. Infrastructure
  4. RF capacity
  5. Authentication

However, what happens in every company differs according to their size and needs. Take an example of one company that Hypernet work with, JACCS MPM Finance. For JACCS MPM Finance, the problem lies in the connectivity between branches and head office. Since a financial company relies on the distribution and the verification of customers’ data, JACCS MPM develops extra attention at their wifi services. In order to manage individual data services of their branches, JACCS MPM Finance realizes that they have to get the best services available to increase efficiency and build more connectivity. Therefore, JACCS MPM chooses Aruba because of the excellence of Wifi Managed Services from Aruba will, of course, take the company up a notch.

JACCS MPM Finance Story

JACCS MPM Finance is a multi finance company for funding and loans. The loan distributed for two-wheeled vehicle and four-wheeled vehicle payment, multipurpose and corporate lending. JACCS MPM Finance has started to use a mobile app to deliver services to clients. Through the app, clients can digitally verify their data and send their applications. The result of their field survey can also be sent via the same app.

For the financial sector, better digital service and application becomes the priority. It can instantly increase the quality of service a company can offer to customers. For instance, faster distribution of data will result in faster distribution of the customer application approval. Therefore, good connectivity between branches and the head office is a must. The company needs to cut more time and effort to deliver better customer service. And Aruba is exactly the solution this company needs.

Before Aruba, JACCS MPM Finance uses a wired connection. This cost the company a lot more because this system is less efficient than the wireless system. A wired system requires more effort and time for installation also it takes a few times to view and maintain each branches’ connections. This is not beneficial for the company since they have to spend more money on an unreliable product. A need for a better solution arises so the hunt begins for a new option.

Yet, things started to change as JACCS MPM Finance chose Aruba to keep their company in the front pack. Centralized control in one software to manage traffics of branches to head office is exactly what JACCS MPM Finance needs when they have to adjust the client’s data immediately. No more cable and equipment installation hassle, because, every step from design, implementation to maintenance handled by Hypernet with a clear timeline for the easier migration process.

Aruba: Managing Network Solution for JACCS MPM Finance
Aruba Access Point installed on JACCS MPM Finance branches

JACCS MPM Finance also gains more cost efficiency and flexibility as Wifi Managed Service provided by Aruba uses OPEX calculation rather than CAPEX as used by previous technology. The effectiveness of Wifi Managed Service from Aruba helps time and energy efficiency of the employees that can be used to maximize performance leads to higher client satisfaction which then establishes more trust and generates more clients for JACCS MPM Finance. Nowadays, JACCS MPM Finance used Aruba Wifi Managed Service in 30 different spots to achieve easier management as well as visible monitoring.


Aruba products become the network solution for every client’s needs including JACCS MPM Finance as one of them. Aruba provides maximum Wifi Protection and built-in firewall to keep all client data safe and sound. With its automatic wireless power, Aruba keeps its service at the most cost-efficient. Not to mention, the speed access and centralized control will make any company ahead of the pack. Aruba from Hypernet is the one and only managed network solution to choose for a successful company. With Aruba Managed Service from Hypernet, JACCS MPM Finance manages to gain customer trust and become one of the leading finance companies.