Presenting the Meet Eat Inspire Event, Hypernet Technologies Offers Services for Server and Storage Products

Presenting the Meet Eat Inspire Event, Hypernet Technologies Offers Services for Server and Storage Products

Hypernet Technologies is a Managed Service Provider company that has officially become part of PT XL AXIATA Tbk. and has collaborated with many of the best companies in Indonesia and in the world to provide superior products and services for companies in Indonesia.

In order to introduce these products and services, Hypernet Technologies presents a regular event called Meet Eat Inspire, because with a cup of coffee and the opportunity to exchange ideas about the superior products offered will spark innovation, partnerships and good relations between the attending companies.

This time, Hypernet Technologies together with Synnex Metrodata Indonesia held a Solution Day event entitled “Modernize Your Data Center” at S2 Restaurant Indonesia, Semarang.

The solutions offered are PowerEdge Gen 15 Server and Storage Midrange & Entry Level which Hypernet Technologies supports by providing managed service provider services for Server and Storage products.

In addition, Hypernet Technologies also provides installation and maintenance services with a 24-hour standby customer service supported by the HyperCare application which is very useful for customers to be able to monitor IT activities and also monitor the payment process.

The benefit of the Poweredge 15G is to be a cost efficiency solution with boot optimization that works by separating the OS drive from the data on the internal storage data server. Meanwhile, Midrange Storage is here to provide an outlet for affordable storage without sacrificing performance or capacity.

“Hypernet really supports digital transformation for companies in the Central Java region so they can maximize productivity and efficiency,” said Alip Mardiyanto as Regional Head of Central Java, Hypernet Technologies.

Data storage is very important in the company’s operations, therefore Hypernet offers the right solution through its best products.

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