IPMI International Business School

Hypernet and IPMI International Business School has collaborated to build Smart Campus Ecosystem.

As one of the Managed Service Provider (MSP), Hypernet has helped more than 2500 clients in various industry sectors and are committed to improving the education industry in Indonesia through IT implementation. Hypernet has now collaborated with some of the best educational institutions in Indonesia in the form of IT infrastructure provision in order to improve the quality of the learning process.
One of the strategic partners Hypernet is IPMI International Business School; one of the best business schools in Indonesia established since 1984, which gains international standards as well as more than 2500 alumni who mostly become business leaders in Indonesia and overseas. IPMI has also gained recognition both on national and international level. It has various degree programs: Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Executive Master of Business Administration degree and non-degree programs: Executive Education. IPMI is also working with various big companies in Indonesia to develop employees’ potential, which has a role in enabling them to compete globally. “Through technology, IPMI International Business School wants to create a more effective educational collaboration between stakeholders in the ecosystem campus, ranging from professors and students to the general public. in accordance with our mission to create a global impact to society,” said Jimmy, CEO IPMI.To achieve this mission, many innovations have gradually been done, such as the use of cloud technology to facilitate the exchange of educational materials and communication between faculty and students. In order to deliver a high quality of educational services to all students, education industry requires a reliable infrastructure and partner for the management of client’s technology resources and it is this factor that underlies the initiation of a strategic collaboration between Hypernet and IPMI.
“We see IPMI as a strategic partner who has the vision and mission that is very good in the field of education, therefore Hypernet will be committed to continue to manage its IT resources so that the learning process will be more efficient, convenient, and highly scalable “said Sudianto, CEO Hypernet.

In addition to a collaborative process that is much faster and more convenient, technology also brings a positive impact for business in terms of cost efficiency. For example, by using cloud technology, educational institutions no longer need to spend a big amount of initial outlay and have to worry about depreciation because the cloud is flexible and can be adjusted to the client’s business needs, so the cost will incur monthly. Moreover, educational institutions do not have to bother thinking of operational maintenance that are relatively expensive and difficult. Therefore, the focus can be shifted the main activities of the campus, namely the education development,
Besides strategic partnerships in terms of technology, Hypernet also has committed to help the learning process on campus such as internship programs, seminars, company visit, as well as other programs that aim to provide exposure to students regarding business practice. Hypernet is also open to any student who wants to consult with IPMI about business and the world of entrepreneurship, especially in technology.”Hypernet has committed to help provide education for prospective leaders and young entrepreneurs in Indonesia, because we see this country needs more talents who have the soul of a leader or entrepreneur to progress much more rapidly and for that we are ready to cooperate with various parties, especially institutions education to achieve this goal “said Sudianto.