Hypernet new branch office in Makassar

Hypernet new branch office in Makassar

South Sulawesi, 18 February 2019 – Hypernet officially opens a new branch in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi. The opening of a new branch office in Makassar is a form of commitment Hypernet to be able to provide connection services and IT infrastructure in Eastern Indonesia.

“Hypernet Technologies is committed to providing the best IT infrastructure services, by opening a new branch in the city of Makassar, we can optimally provide services to all our customers in the Eastern Indonesia region, specifically in the South Sulawesi area, “said Sudianto Oei, CEO of Hypernet.

Makassar City is the largest metropolitan city in eastern Indonesia, Makassar is located at southwest coast of Sulawesi Island. Various sectors of the industry grow and progress very rapidly, by seeing this development, then Hypernet is here to serve all needs in provision of fast and stable IT network infrastructure.

Hypernet continues its commitment to improve the quality and capacity of its services as a Managed Service Provider companies and expand IT infrastructure development (information and technology) for various cities in Indonesia. At present Hypernet has served more than 2000 corporate customers and have branch offices in various cities in Indonesia. For information For more information about us, please visit www.hypernet.co.id