Meet Eat Inspire Goes To Bali

Meet Eat Inspire Goes To Bali

Hypernet again held an event held in Bali on Friday-Saturday, 22 & 23 February 2019, the event that took place was Meet.Eat. Inspire Goes to Bali and Open Booth Profit IT 9th Anniversary 2019, which received full support from Vibi Cloud and Microsoft.

In collaboration with Vibi Cloud and Microsoft, sharing information about cloud implementation to IT participants who are mostly members of the IT Profit. With an audience of 28 people, it was filled by presentations from Microsoft, Vibi Cloud and Hypernet.

Hypernet conducts an open booth which is also supported by Vibi Cloud and Microsoft to introduce products and services to all Profit IT members in the Bali and Lombok areas. So that the end can directly consult about the obstacles and solutions needed in digital implementation in the company.