ARUBA: Challenges in Managing More than 20 Network Points of PT Delisari Nusantara

ARUBA: Challenges in Managing More than 20 Network Points of PT Delisari Nusantara

Aruba serves as one of Hypernet’s flagship products. In many companies, Aruba has become the solution to address various network problems that might occur. Aruba services excellence due to its easy installation, connection stability, to network security.

Undoubtedly, ARUBA gains recognition as a leading provider in the global market with a longstanding history of solving difficult challenges from anywhere and anytime. One example includes the experience of our client, PT Delisari Nusantara.

PT Delisari Nusantara is a company engaged in the distribution of food ingredients. For the company which engages in logistics and food ingredients, connectivity is vitally important. Moreover, coordination between the warehouse and branch offices must be built smoothly to avoid delays in business analysis.

Additionally, PT Delisari Nusantara has more than 20 service points for its work operations. To avoid losses, these points must be connected to a stable network at all times. As a result, Hypernet presents ARUBA as a solution for PT Delisari Nusantara.

Aruba WIFI Managed Service in Glance

Hypernet is a Managed Service Provider with over 13 years of experience in providing the best IT services for various companies. Hypernet provides the best solution to accommodate Aruba services in improving their connectivity in a cost-efficient manner with OPEX calculations. Selecting Aruba as the Wifi management solution becomes a strategic step for any company to grow into a bigger one. Needless to worry, we devote our service as your company’s best partner in advancing to the highest position among other competitors.

ARUBA: Challenges in Managing More than 20 Network Points of PT Delisari Nusantara

Aruba is one of Hypernet’s flagship products. Aruba has been leading the global market for a dozen years achieving 2-3 times more growth than usual products. Aruba services are supported by 65,000 network experts to ensure the best available service for our clients. Here are a few advantages when selecting Aruba:

  • Maximum WiFi protection
  • Automated wireless power and RF channels
  • Quick access with a wide reach
  • A good AP connection distribution to avoid sticky clients
  • Centralized control for each cluster
  • Built-in firewall and site survivability

Constraints on Using LAN Cable Networks in PT Delisari Nusantara Operation

Prior to employing our Aruba Wifi Managed Service solution, PT Delisari Nusantara entrusted its internet network with a LAN cable connection. However, there are obstacles related to corporate connectivity including the expensive cost of maintaining a LAN cable network. These are some of the obstacles experienced by PT Delisari Nusantara in using LAN cable networks:

  • Problems when transferring the network by cable retraction
  • The use of LAN cables which requires additional cables for new locations or points.

The emergence of such problems would certainly be a concern for PT Delisari Nusantara. Any company will definitely have a problem if delivery is hampered by poor network management. Especially on a LAN cable network, if there is a connection breakdown, repair frequently takes a long time demanding expensive cost. Thus, such an issue becomes the main consideration of PT Delisari Nusantara when expecting to leave the cable network.

Connectivity plays a vital role in the smooth performance of a Food and Beverage distribution company such as PT Delisari Nusantara. To be able to send food products throughout Indonesia, PT Delisari Nusantara needs a stable communication network. Time provides a determining factor in the continuity of this business. For this reason, PT Delisari Nusantara finally decides to navigate a better solution in networking.

Opting ARUBA from Hypernet as a Solution to Network Problems

With the many obstacles that occur in the use of LAN cables, PT Delisari Nusantara decides to switch to a wireless network system, preferring a SMART office implementation for all company offices. For this reason, PT Delisari Nusantara requires a reliable device to support the prepared concepts.

Several options were then reviewed and studied, as finally, PT Delisari Nusantara chose ARUBA after several comparisons with other competitors. The decision of PT Delisari Nusantara to trust its network problem solutions provided by Aruba was due to Aruba’s qualification in providing an affordable price compared to other competitors’ products. The choice of Hypernet as a provider of Aruba services is based on Hypernet’s infrastructure readiness and product knowledge. Proven by using ARUBA devices, company performance becomes more efficient because it minimizes the required time to find the signal. As a bonus, ARUBA products provide a much more stable network than before. As a result, PT Delisari Nusantara is finally able to make the transition to the SMART office smoothly and successfully.

ARUBA Successfully Connecting More Than 20 Network Points of PT Delisari Nusantara

ARUBA product installation in all points of PT Delisari Nusantara is divided into 2 stages. The first stage covers the installation in the Head Office and the Bali branch office. The first stage of this installation is managed in a fairly fast period of time (1 month). After the first phase, the second stage of the installation is managed in 10 PT Delisari Nusantara branches spread throughout Indonesia. This second installation takes up to 3 months with a parallel device installation.

From the installation process to implementation, PT Delisari Nusantara has been satisfyingly acknowledged with the services of Hypernet to provide clear information and direction during these processes. The added value of Hypernet is also supported by the geared-up support team and supportive customer service when dealing with technical problems.

With good cooperation, ARUBA products have successfully connected more than 20 network points of PT Delisari Nusantara. Aruba’s Wifi Managed Service has successfully overcome the business challenges faced by PT Delisari Nusantara regarding connectivity issues. Using ARUBA enables PT Delisari Nusantara to run its efficient business and network management, accelerating the process of work data analysis. This significance serves as the key to PT Delisari Nusantara’s success as a company engaged in the distribution of food and beverage in Indonesia.

ARUBA: Challenges in Managing More than 20 Network Points of PT Delisari Nusantara
Few Aruba Access Point devices at PT Delisari Nusantara


Hypernet successfully presents a stable and trouble-free network service for smooth company productivity. Aruba products provide a significant solution for the needs of every client, including PT Delisari Nusantara. We provide a stable WiFi connectivity management solution in 24/7 to facilitate communication between the warehouse and branches of PT Delisari Nusantara. With good communication, PT Delisari Nusantara can analyze logistics distribution more efficiently and build a Smart Office. The availability of fast access will bring any company to the forefront in its field. Aruba from Hypernet becomes the preferred network solution for companies, willing to achieve success among competitors. With Aruba, we expect a long-lasting partnership in providing a stable internet network 24/7.