Hypernet Supports Tourism Recovery in Bali

Hypernet Supports Tourism Recovery in Bali

Bali, 15th April 2021 – Since the COVID-19 pandemic striked in March 2020, the economic and tourism condition in Bali has been affected significantly.

Especially in Legian, Kuta, a centre of tourist spot which was always crowded by tourists, has became relaxed and quite.

Hypernet, together with the Legian Beach Hotel and the relevant authorities, organized mass vaccinations events for the hotel employees and residents of the Legian community.

This event was held for five days, starting from Monday, April 12th to April 16th 2021.

The target number of people vaccinated during this program period is a total of 3000 people consisting of 500 employees of the Legian Beach Hotel along with their families and communities living around Legian district, such as Legian Kaja, Tengah, and Kelod.

Hypernet as one of the largest IT management service providers in Bali, especially in the hospitality industry, is hoping that this mass vaccination event will immediately have an impact on the recovery of Bali tourism, especially in the Legian area.

Bali, let’s get back up!