Versa SASE is now available on Hypernet! Cloud Network Firewall

Versa SASE is now available on Hypernet! Cloud Network Firewall

PT Hipernet Indodata (HI) also known as “Hypernet Technologies” presents Versa SASE. What is Versa SASE? How does this best Cloud Network Firewall benefit the progress of your company? Let’s see the brief explanation here!

Definition of Versa SASE

Before moving on to Versa SASE, we first need to know what SASE is. Secure Access Service Edge is a solution to support the performance of corporate IT infrastructure, especially in networking and cybersecurity. According to Gartner, the one who first introduced the SASE concept in August 2019, SASE will be used by about 40% of enterprises by 2024.

Today, SASE is considered a flexible and secure technology. Among the many SASE solutions, Versa SASE is considered to be the company’s best solution because it is able to provide extra performance.

In a nutshell, Versa SASE is a SASE solution that is an integration of a set of services through Versa Operating System (VOS). Using the SASE Client application, enterprise users can securely access their corporate network, cloud resources and the internet from anywhere.

The Versa SASE architecture integrates security, networking, SD-WAN, and analytics into a single OS. The operating system can be accessed via on-premise, cloud, or a combination of both.

SASE Versa Service

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Using the Versa SASE solution, enterprise employees can use ZTNA providers to securely connect to applications in private and public clouds with a philosophy of trusting no one.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

As part of the Versa SASE, Versa SWG provides secure internet access to corporate sites, headquarters, and users located anywhere without compromising performance or end-users’ experience.

Cloud Access Security Browser (CASB)

Versa CASB protects an organization’s data in transit and at rest in the cloud. Therefore, traditional security services are now insufficient to protect data moved to the cloud. Therefore, new services that combine old and new security protections are created, such as the Cloud Access Security Broker, which is essential for any data transaction.

Remote Browser Isolation

Versa RBI moves the execution of user browser activity from the client device to a remote server. The server is hosted on-premises or in the cloud. This protects user devices from browser-based security exploits and provides a secure and controlled means of internet access.

Next Generation Firewall as a Service (NGFWaaS)

NGFWaaS dynamically protects enterprises from external threats. It protects users from threats through Virtual Private Networking (VPN), malware detection, intrusion prevention, and universal threat management.

Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

SD-WAN within the Versa SASE architecture offers many capabilities including packet replication, packet loss reduction, packets across multiple WAN interfaces, and methods of avoiding poorly performing links.

Scalable Advanced Routing

With Versa SASE, you can get carrier-grade routing support through VOS and VOS with Titan, which optimizes common and advanced routing protocols that are critical for WAN and LAN network agility.

Advanced Analytics

The Versa SASE service offers a centralized portal package to find out the cohesive performance of applications, users, workloads, databases, web servers, and security policy violations. The analytics can be understood by even staff who are unfamiliar with cloud & cloud tools.

Get Hypernet Versa SASE for your company needs

Versa SASE is now available at Hypernet. We offer IT resource provisioning and maintenance services in the form of software and hardware. We also provide professionals for maintenance services that customers need.