Cek Kebocoran Data Pribadi dengan 3 Langkah

Check for Personal Data Leaks with These 3 Steps

Examining the use of personal data in the digital era is an interest that should not be underestimated. In the midst of technological advances, including social media, it is not impossible that personal data th...

Serangan Phishing di Tempat Kerja_ Menyusup Melalui Jaringan Perusahaan

Phishing Attacks in the Workplace: Infiltrating Through Corporate Networks

Phishing attacks remain one of the most common cybersecurity threats in the workplace. These attacks involve malicious actors sending deceptive emails, messages, or links to trick people into divulging sensitiv...

Kerja dari Rumah_ Inilah Cara Menjaga Keamanan Ruang Kerja Digital

Working from Home? Here’s How to Keep Your Digital Workspace Secure

Working from home, or what is currently popularly known as Work from Home (WFH), is a phenomenon that is increasingly common in this digital era. With advances in technology, many companies and individuals have...

Mengamankan Pekerja Remote_ Strategi Perlindungan Data Jarak Jauh

Securing Remote Workers: Remote Data Protection Strategies

Hiring remote workers is nothing new these days. In fact, company efficiency increases because these workers can concentrate more on their work wherever they are, eliminating the need for time-consuming commuti...

Ancaman Ransomware_ Menguak Taktik dan Dampaknya pada Pengguna Internet

The Ransomware Threat: Uncovering its Tactics and Impact on Internet Users

What is ransomware and what impact does it have on internet users? Ransomware is malware that is widely known for its ability to encrypt victims’ data and demand ransom payments (ransom). The goal is so t...

Dampak Pencurian Data_ Masalah Finansial dan Reputasi Perusahaan

Impact of Data Theft: Financial Issues and Company Reputation

Data theft is not trivial. This term, which is also known in English as data theft, is the activity of obtaining digital data illegally, or illegally, from an entity. Many of these crimes are based on the motiv...

Hindari Penipuan Digital_ Kenali Ciri-ciri Utama dan Strategi Pencegahan

Avoid Digital Fraud: Recognize Key Characteristics and Prevention Strategies

The busier people’s activities are in cyberspace, the greater the risks and threats that can arise from digital fraud. With various modus operandi and deceptions, perpetrators will do whatever they can to...

Marak Pencurian Data, Ini Kesalahan Terbesar Perusahan dalam Amankan Data

Data Theft is Rampant, Hereis the Biggest Mistake by Companies in Securing Data

Maintaining the security of company data is certainly not easy. On the other hand, the digital era and increasingly advanced technology have also given birth to many hackers and random people who want to steal ...

Hacker Tak Pilih-pilih, Siapkan Hal Ini Agar Data Perusahaan Aman

Hackers are not picky, prepare these so that company data is safe

The digital world continues to develop from time to time, which now makes many companies around the world compete to be at the forefront. Various methods are used to improve their image and achieve success in b...

Mengapa Perusahaan Perlu Berinvestasi pada ‘Cyber Security’

Why Companies Need to Invest in Cyber Security

Investing in cyber security is an action that companies need to take to protect the continuity of their business from cyber attacks that can be detrimental. It cannot be denied, in the current digital era, busi...