Cybercrime and 6 Fun Facts

Cybercrime and 6 Fun Facts

Cybercrime can have many causes. This disgraceful and criminal act also has many evil motivations. What is clear is that cybercrime will continue to emerge as long as humans are still using information technology. In fact, the same crime can happen again and again.

Did you know, there are three common causes of Cyber Crime and Cyber Attacks? The three main threats to cyber security are lack of security assistance, system vulnerabilities, and underestimating the risk of attacks.

Furthermore, you should know these interesting facts about cybercrime:

Cybercrime one of the common crimes in Indonesia

As per a recent report by Akamai Technologies, reported back by, Indonesia has seen a huge increase in cyberattacks since last year. Currently, Indonesia is the top country with the highest cybercrime. Dutch digital security organization Surfshark ranked Indonesia as the 3rd country with the highest data leakage in the world.

Indonesia’s “achievements” in the field of cybercrime last year were none other than the many data leaks carried out by Bjorka. The hacker with the alias inspired by singer Bjork claimed to have leaked the data of IndiHome customers, KPU, MyPertamina, and Indonesian public officials.

Android platform is more vulnerable to Cyberattacks

You should know that the Android platform is considered an easy target for cybercrime. Always study the top cybersecurity certifications to know how cybercrime can affect you.

For example, smartphones can be exposed to viruses and cybercrime if you download files from unreliable sources. App permissions can open the door for hackers to steal data. Hacking can also occur through mobile payment gateways.

Cybercrime can be committed by unscrupulous employees

Another surprising Cybercrime fact is that around 59% of employees steal company proprietary data when they are not working with the same company. In addition to insider threats like this, there are other threats that can be carried out by unscrupulous insiders, namely:

Malicious Insiders: Malicious insider attack cases are among the rarest. They have the potential to cause great damage due to their level of access. People in high positions are more vulnerable to these attacks.

Careless Insiders: The following types of “insiders” do not actually have malicious intentions to break into company data. However, their careless nature opens the door to corporate security risks. For example, carelessly clicking on any random link or page without them realizing it.

Cyberattacks found to be more common among Millennials

Despite the myth that Boomers are more likely to face cyberattacks, it turns out that Millennials are the most vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. As reported by Norton Cybersecurity Insights Reports, 44% of Millennials are victims of cybercrime ranging from sharing Netflix passwords to banking passwords.

Financial interest attacks are more prevalent

In recent years, cybersecurity risks to financial systems have increased. One of the main reasons is that the cyber threat landscape has worsened. A total of nearly 52 million data breaches occurred in 2022. Most of the attacks are purely based on financial gain. These increasingly frequent, sophisticated, and damaging attacks are targeting financial institutions.

Cybercrime is a highly profitable business

Cyberattacks can strike any company in different ways. They can severely affect security systems, networks or the overall infrastructure. In addition, companies may also have to pay (rations) if hackers manage to steal data. A recent report states that breaches with a lifecycle of more than 200 days have an average cost of 4.87 million dollars.

Knowing these facts about cybercrime will make you more aware of cyber attacks. Protect your data from being stolen or leaked by hackers.