Aruba UXI: Solusi untuk Lingkungan Kerja yang Lebih Produktif

Aruba UXI: A Solution for More Productive Workplaces

Demands for seamless connectivity, efficient collaboration, and optimal user experience are becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace landscape. However, many companies underestimate User Experience (UX). In fact, good UX can improve productivity and reduce turnover rates.

For example, sub-standard UX can make employees late for online meetings due to network instability. This causes their tasks to be delayed and results in IT teams spending more time troubleshooting. IT teams have less time to focus on strategic projects for the company.

Here are the reasons why Aruba UXI can improve workplace productivity:

Promotes proactive action

Aruba Networking User Experience Insight (Aruba UXI) is designed to provide valuable insights to companies about network performance. This proactive approach can address potential issues before they impact UX. This proactive approach is the foundation for improving productivity in the workplace, as it minimizes downtime and ensures consistent and reliable network connectivity.
One of the key aspects of Aruba UXI’s impact on productivity lies in its ability to provide real-time visibility into network performance. The Aruba UXI solution allows IT teams to monitor user experience across a variety of applications and devices. This detailed visibility empowers organizations to identify and resolve issues quickly, creating an environment where employees can focus on their tasks without distractions caused by network-related issues.

Can be implemented in a variety of industries

Aruba UXI’s ability to adapt to a variety of industries is a testament to its versatility in improving productivity. Here are seven industries that are well-suited for Aruba UXI, as explained by Turn-Key Technologies


Higher education institutions need to have optimal wireless networks with adequate bandwidth. This is because many devices are connected, such as laptops, LCD projectors, and teaching aids. If UX cannot meet this demand, teaching and learning activities will be disrupted, especially in full online classes.

On the other hand, ensuring reliable connectivity is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you are not monitoring user experience. Fortunately, Aruba UXI has sensors that can run more than 30,000 tests every day. As a result, you can resolve issues faster and even prevent them from getting worse, ensuring smooth operations for students and faculty across campus.


Similar to higher education institutions, schools also require a reliable network. Aruba UXI is a powerful solution that can measure network capacity and performance, and facilitate the smooth implementation of 1:1 digital learning initiatives. Some activities that can be assisted by Aruba UXI are planning learning, using educational technology solutions, and student attendance.


Reliable and strong connectivity is essential in healthcare. Without access to a high-performing network, hospital teams cannot provide quality care to patients. Communication disruptions will disrupt activities, ranging from accessing patient records to medical technology operations.

Aruba UXI can perform testing, detect incidents, and ensure web applications are active and running. The system automatically sends alerts whenever there is a problem. You can provide quality care to patients at all times.


A successful hospitality industry is able to provide the best possible service to guests, including their expectations of flawless Wi-Fi quality. Wi-Fi is used by guests to check emails, communicate with family or office, stream events, and even hold virtual work meetings. For the success of your business, Aruba UXI helps you achieve a seamless experience.

Public Places

The reliability of network coverage in large public places is tested when used for online registration, staff communication, crowd management, and ticket creation. The connection must also be always reliable for security solutions such as CCTV. Public Wi-Fi is connected to hundreds of users, so the security and smoothness of the network must also be considered.

Aruba UXI sensors can test your Wi-Fi and Ethernet performance and monitor connectivity, bandwidth, packet loss, and so on. The monitoring reports can be used to better understand your network, take action when failures occur, and ultimately provide a memorable experience for users.


Enterprises need to support many devices, from office devices, IoT devices, to personal devices brought to work by employees. This means that consistent and fast connectivity must be a must. In addition, there are now many remote workers (work from home), which adds to the complexity of network monitoring.

The Aruba UXI incident detection feature can detect and alert your IT team if your application or network is experiencing problems, allowing you to take action quickly. Sometimes even before the end-user realizes that something is wrong. Ultimately, reducing the number of calls to the help center to your team.

In addition, Aruba UXI can provide insights into remote sites, allowing you to monitor network connectivity, application accessibility, and much more at branch offices, even if you don’t have IT personnel on site.

Optimizing the positive impression of the user experience

The partnership between SwitchShop and Aruba emphasizes the importance of Aruba UXI sensors in providing an unparalleled user experience. These sensors play a key role in collecting data on network performance, application usage, and device connectivity. The data collected by these sensors is then analyzed to provide actionable insights, allowing organizations to make decisions that have a direct impact on productivity.

Solving specific problems

Helios Informatika Nusantara, the provider of Aruba User Experience Insight in Indonesia, highlights the real benefits of UXI sensors. By strategically placing these sensors at the workplace, organizations gain a comprehensive view of the user experience, identify areas that need improvement, and ensure optimal performance. The ability to identify and address specific problems in network infrastructure contributes to a more efficient and productive work environment.

The impact of Aruba UXI on workplace productivity goes beyond the technical realm. The solution’s focus on the user experience is in line with the evolving expectations of the modern workforce. As noted by Turn-Key Technologies, Aruba UXI focuses on user-centric metrics, such as application response time and device performance. By prioritizing the end-user experience, organizations can create a more engaging and satisfying work environment, which ultimately leads to increased morale and productivity.

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